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1676 E. Sixth St. Beaumont, CA 92223



Carol Ramsey

I am able to do all of the things I did before my injury. My shoulder feels great!

Gail Johnson

“When I first came to therapy I could not bend my right knee or extend it very far. Leo and Linda did a great job working with me to get the range of motion back. After therapy, they did the ice on the knee and the electrical stimulants which really helped. I would recommend PASS PT to all my friends. I just want to say thank you to Leo and his staff for being so good.”

John Vickers

I would highly recommend PASS PT to anyone that wants the best results and a wholesome atmosphere conducive for wellness and recovery.

John Lucero

I feel 100% better in comparison to how I felt when I first arrived at this facility. I can actually bend, stoop, and stand on one leg without feeling any pain. I deal with physical therapy requests all the time at work being a workers comp examiner and now I really understand the essence of therapy. It can really change your whole world. I would recommend PASS PT to all my friends and relatives.

Chuck Seger

The PASS PT team has been outstanding in all respects, very professional, courteous, and helpful.

John Haldeman

Received comprehensive Physical Therapy exercises to recondition muscles damaged by surgery, pleased with the professionalism of staff and use of therapy equipment. I received personalized attention to specific pain issues. Very pleased with the final results, achieved over 2 months.

Don and Shirley Lauritzen

I was introduced to PASS physical therapy by a good friend, who had a speedy recovery from surgery due to the excellent care from the staff of PASS.

I was in a full leg cast for seven months unable to walk. Since going to PASS recovery is amazing and I am almost able to walk, thanks to the work and dedication of the wonderful staff at PASS. My wife has begun her physical therapy at PASS and couldn’t be happier.

The facility is very clean and easy to get to. We like to take our golf cart. The staff is well educated about all recovery needs. PASS is a friendly, happy place to get good help and to get you back to normal living.

Lena Guzman

This is the best physical therapy location in all of the Inland Empire Area! From the moment you walk in with need, they hand hold you thru each step of recovery. Not only physically but mentally as well preparing me to go back to work without restrictions. In addition, I now have the resources and education to continue my exercises at home.  

Elena Kruger

All the staff is awesome wonderful went in with neck and shoulder pain and I couldn’t use my arm and with two treatments I am fully back to normal I would recommend him and his staff to anyone. Excellent physical therapist.

Thomas Mulkey

They are awesome. I would recommend this place to anyone. They kick your butt. They won’t let you be lazy and explain everything on how everything in your injured area work. They are fantastic friendly and easy to communicate with. They listen to your needs and make sure they don’t push you to beyond what you can handle.  

Trevor Canillas

This place was great! The staff was very friendly and knowledgeable. The facility was a bit cozy but had everything you needed for whatever injury you’re rehabbing. I want to really thank the staff for all the help, I believe the exercises you showed me were exactly what I needed to get stronger. The bittersweet part of getting better is I’ll definitely miss the visits because it wasn’t just therapied it was an all-around great experience.